What is Shower Waterproofing?

When it comes to bathroom refurbishing and maintenance, attaining perfection asks for a lot of hard work. Right from getting done with shower waterproofing to fixing those dripping taps, it includes everything. No wonder, these issues may do not sound a huge problem initially but once ignored for a while, it can turn your bathroom into a swimming pool in no time.

We usually encounter issues like- leaky tap or shower but shower waterproofing is something that will leave you thinking about it for a while. This term is generally used by plumbers who know better about it. For a layman, who hasn’t witnessed any such bathroom issue, it is completely a new word or term to know about.

And if you are one of those who has no idea about shower waterproofing then here’s an explanation for you.

What is shower waterproofing?

When a protecting and dry shield is installed around the complete shower area just to avoid any leakage or excessive moisture on the walls, this whole process is shower waterproofing. While fixing the waterproofing issues, it becomes easier to get a protecting layer for the complete bathroom which can save you from further bathroom fixing or leakage issues. After accomplishing it, almost 90% of water damage or moisture issues in the bathroom can be prevented.

Now, comes the fixing process. For this, you may need to hire a professional who can accomplish the tasks aptly without leaving any loophole. Here’s the detailed process, check it out, so the next time you get some waterproofing done in your home bathroom, you can analyze whether the plumber is doing it the right way or not.

  1. Measure area– Check how much area needs to be repaired. This is because, before the repairing work, you need to coat the area with a liquid which can do wonders for your bathroom. Another big reason for measuring the area is, you need to seal it with a waterproof scotch tape for a better safety.
  1. Apply a waterproofing coat– Once, you are done with the measuring and marking the repair area with a reliable scotch tape, then comes applying a coat of waterproofing on the walls, and around the shower area. For this, you need a roller or hand brush which can easily let you apply the adhesive mixture on the walls properly. This mixture is quite tight in terms of moisture which easily gets dry and works as a protecting layer on the walls. All you need is to apply the mixture properly and evenly for better results.
  1. Analyze flooring– While getting done with the wall area, don’t forget the flooring. First of all, install a floor tray which is properly locked from all the ends. Make sure you are leaving some area for the drainage system as well.


Waterproofing is something which can save you from hundreds of blunders to come. It almost works as a protective shield that can secure your bathroom in many ways. But at last, always make sure to get it done by a pro only.