Who Created The First Commercial Hand Dryer?

A clean toilet seat, enough paper towel, a crystal clear mirror, refreshing aroma and an automatic hand dryer; is what we look for in any public or personal toilet. And almost every bathroom is facilitated with these amenities. This all is the impact of technology which has given us many windfalls including hand dryers.

What are hand dryers?

Usually found in public toilets, it’s a machine which is used for drying wet hands. These machines work either through a manual button or automatic sensors. And the basic motive of hand dryers is to let people dry or clean their hands in the most hygienic manner.

Though, you must have used this machine countless times but, did you know the history behind it? Well, quite rare people know it, and if you are one of those who doesn’t know it, here is the complete and true history.

History of hand dryers 

Approximately 100 years ago, researchers started to find out different ways to kill the usage of paper towels which was somehow affecting the environment. And to do so, the best and everlasting substitute was hand dryers.

In 1921, R.B Hibbard, J.G Bassett, and D.J Watrous started Airdry Corporation of Gorton, New York. Under this company patent, they launched a product named as ‘electric towel’ which showed a great impact on the usage of paper towels, heat gun, air dryers or napkins. With this, the business and craze of having commercial hand dryers in Australia increased and boosted the eminence of this wonder product.

Initially, this product was sold as a blueprint model of hand dryers which when got an adequate amount of success and fame, was launched again in an improvised face. The first ever model didn’t have inverted blower inside it but when it was re-launched, it was embedded with a blower which made the machine far better than its actual machinery. 

After few years, in 1924, Airdry Corporation was shifted to Chicago Pneumatic and San Francisco, in order to expand their business branches. Later, on a large scale, hand dryers were manufactured and launched in 1948 by George Clements. Once, this product got recognized in a number of countries, then 1993, Mitsubishi Electric came up with yet another improvised model of hand dryers, spray gun and junk car removal which had blow dryers on both the ends of the machine and kitchens Brisbane.

This was manufactured to let people have a good experience of inviting convenience in their lives. Such models are still appreciated and accepted by a large majority of people. Also, these have been considered as one of the most lavish hand dryer models among them all. One major aspect of the double-sided hand blower is, it pushing off the water rather than drying it which fastens the hand drying process ultimately.

The bottom line

The hand dryer is one of the commonly used electric equipment which is easily found in any public toilet. This product has been facilitating us in many ways from past 100 years. At present, countless brands like- J D Macdonald is improvising our hand dryer usage experience to a great extent.